Supporting the Community of Haddon Way, Fairmeadows Way, Laurel Road, Grange Park, Grange Vale and surrounding area.

100 homes off Laburnum Way

An application has today been made for:

Erection of up to 100 dwellings and associated works with provision for highway/pedestrian access, open space and structural landscaping.

Please make your voice heard by viewing the planning proposal on the councils website and submitting them your thoughts by emailing them at quoting the application number.

The application number is P/14/0641/2

Comments must be made by 16 May. If you want to get involved with helping to protect the land then get in contact with us ASAP.

Please visit the councils Planning Explorer Website to view the application.

In your email/letter of objection please mention the following:

  • How the development will affect YOU
  • Loss of the beautiful views and vistas
  • Traffic issues
  • How you currently use the land and what it means to YOU
  • Your personal knowledge of the aa including wildlife.

Consider also the following:

  • Are the feature of the natural and built-up environment protected?
  • Part of the site is within the development limit adopted by CBC as a structural open space (Policy RT/12)
  • Policy CT/2 states that a development should not harm the character and appearance of the countryside.
  • The development will add to the growing need for community services.
  • Should this type of development be allowed when the emerging Corer Strategy (CBC’s planning Framework guide) rejects development in the South and South West of Loughborough

This beautiful piece of land is currently enjoyed by our community, and local wildlife.

Let future generations know that you did all you could to the vent this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty being ruined by man and turning our estate into and even bigger area of #urbandesert