Supporting the Community of Haddon Way, Fairmeadows Way, Laurel Road, Grange Park, Grange Vale and surrounding area.

Archive for March, 2012

The results are now in from our Community Questionnaire that we distributed to at least 1000 houses on both the Haddon Way Estate, and the Grange Park Estate. We received 130 questionnaires with 82% of respondents wanting to see a Community Centre…

The three most popular activities/amenities were:

  • Gym
  • Exercise/Sports Classes
  • Community Cafe

with the three least popular being:

  • Office Facilities
  • Parent and Toddler Group
  • Playgroup/Childcare

Some examples of other uses suggested were:

  • Badminton courts
  • Wacky Warehouse
  • Pub
  • Allotments
  • Swimming Pool
  • Skate Park

We have added 78 email address to our mailing list, 27 of which are from Grange Park, with 47 respondents saying that they were willing to help assist with the project.
For a more detailed breakdown of the results please see the Community Centre Questionnaire 2012 PDF file.