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Archive for August, 2012

The two planning proposals for development went before the Planning Committee meeting on 23 May 2013. A resident from Grange Park involved with HWRA and our local councillor both stood before the meeting to put forward our objections to the committee. However, despite our efforts planning permission has been GRANTED CONDITIONALLY.

You can view the decision notices relating to the two developments by searching for the relevant application in the Planning Explorer. Details can be found after the link.

Parkers of Leicester Limited are proposing 330 new homes on land at each side of the Woodthorpe roundabout on the A6004 Ling Road, have submitted plans to the council.
They have submitted TWO planning applications:
* Site for the erection of up to 130 dwellings with associated infrastructure to be accessed off Allendale Road = P/12/2640/2
* Site for the erection of up to 200 dwellings = P/12/2641/2

You can monitor the progress of this application and submit comments using Planning Explorer, and searching for the appropriate application.
They have removed the proposed Supermarket and changed the plans accordingly. You can see these revised proposals on the flier, here on our website.
A petition organised by Grange Park residents against the proposals was submitted to the council with 160+ names attached to it.
The planning proposals are due before the Planning Committee on 23 May.