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Archive for August, 2013

Charnwood Borough Council is poised to adopt the Linear Park and the estate has also seen the recent addition of some shiny new Waste Bins!

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CBC Adoption of Linear Park

You may have noticed that the open ground area along the side of Allendale Road ending at Main Street in Woodthorpe, has recently been cleared and tidied up by William Davis. This is in preparation for the forthcoming adoption of the area of open ground by CBC. As part of their new ownership of this area we met with Tim Adkin, CBC Access to Nature Officer, who explained their very exciting plans for the area. Tim and a group of volunteers, bolstered by residents from Grange Park, planted wild flower seeds on the large grassed meadow area and this is just the beginning.
Keep an eye on this page for more exiting events happening in the Linear Park.

New Waste Bins

In anticipation of CBC adoption of Linear Park we have been discussing the necessity for waste (especially dog waste) bins in and around the area. We hope that you have noticed that 3 brand new waste bins have been positioned within the area over the last few weeks. These will be maintained and emptied by CBC (Serco) as part of their maintenance programme.
Please make use of these bins to keep this excellent open area clean and tidy for all the residents and none residents who enjoy this area so much