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Repairs to the HWRA noticeboard

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Noticeboard repairsThe HWRA noticeboard, located on Haddon Way by the postbox, was paid for with funds donated by the Loughborough Building Society a number of years ago.   It’s purpose is to promote local community events happening or update information which you may otherwise not hear about.

We’ve recently been carrying out some maintenance on the door and frame as a result of wood warping. This has been completed today, and we’ve painted another coat of varnish to prevent further warping before the Autumn rains arrive.

If you are organising local events, please do let us know and we will happily include fliers on the noticeboard.

The Haddon Way Residents Association is run by a handful of volunteers. We are looking for more people to help keep the association running. Please do get in touch – all help is gratefully received!