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Resubmitted Planning Application By Bloor Homes

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10577832_10152420901320947_1810091496_oDo you still care about the open space around our community?

They are still under threat.

This time a new Bloor’s home application has been submitted. Rather than going down the lengthy route of dealing with the previous one, they have chosen the quicker route of a new application. Which means all the previously submitted objections are NOT linked to this new application.



This application attempts to deal with the issues raised in the previous application of a a sustainable community by paying Kinch Buses £100,00 to provide a partial bus service near to the new 100 home development at the end of Laburnum Way for up to a 12 month period.

The new planning application P/14/2471/2 can be found at :


We urge all residents to submit their comments and concerns regarding this application to the council.  Objections could be filed electronically by the 30th January.