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Grange Park Post Box

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Grange Park have finally received delivery of a shiny new post box after many years of trying! 

In October 2012 we announced that a post box would be sited on Grange Park in 3months. Royal Mail reported in May 2013 that they were looking at relocating an existing box instead, and then announced in June 2013 that they had changed their mind about installing a box completely. In February 2014 we announced again that one would be arriving only to see that decision rescinded also.

After working closely with our local MP Nicky Morgan, residents of Grange Park finally received a delivery of a shiny post box on 14 April! With the advent of technology and the decline of the letter, it’s nice to see how such a small thing can make such a big difference to a community. Big thanks must go out to Nigel Trasler, Robert Sharp, Nicky Morgan MP, William Davis and CBC for their assistance in this matter.


Grange Park Post Box