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Update on Aldi Planning Application

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On 7 December 2017 the Aldi planning application P/17/0942/2 was heard before Plans Committee. The officers had recommended to Grant Conditionally the planning application, and the members of the committee were unanimous in their verdict as they saw it as a good thing for Loughborough bringing in up to 100 jobs.

Aldi have had constructive contact with the council through out the application process, and the look of the development has changed to have wooden facias on the front of the building.

They stated that the Costa Coffee shop was placed as far away from residents as possible. The planning Officer commented that Highways are content with traffic. One member questioned the Opening times and delivery hours and they were informed that the decision will be left to licensing who will control.


At the same meeting the committee also approved a development for a new Lidl store in town off Station Road where the old Hire Station was opposite dominos pizza. This decision was also unanimous for the same reasons that it would bring jobs to town, but that it would also regenerate the area. (Planning application P/16/2141/2 )

Memorial bench in memory of Geoff Gay

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On Monday 20 November 2017 a Memorial bench was installed on the green of the junction of Haddon Way and Laurel Road in memory of former Shelthorpe Ward Councillor Geoff Gay.

Geoff was Shelthorpe through and through and was passionate about our little part of Loughborough. In 2005 he visited local resident, Andy Nevill, who had several issues on our estate. Geoff visited and explained that the only way residents could bring about change or get things done was to band together and act as a group. It was with his advice and help that Haddon Way Residents Association was formed. He helped get us started and helped facilitate a path for us to work with others to improve our community. We were disappointed to hear he was stepping down as our local and county councillor and very saddened to hear of his passing on 2 April 2016.

We thought that a fitting tribute to a man who had worked tirelessly for Shelthorpe would be to have a bench placed on the green in his honour. Even though he was a humble man and would probably have been overwhelmed at the thought of a bench in his honour, he would more than likely have spoken for 40 or so minutes about what it and the community meant to him, had he been there on Monday. Thanks to Charnwood Borough Council and their team, for their help and assistance with getting the bench installed.