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Recent spike in crime

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Following on from the conversations we’ve had with police and chatter that there has been on Facebook our local PC Phil Martindale has been in touch and has the following to say:

“I’m sure you are already aware through social media of the recent increase of suspicious persons trying door handles of properties and vehicles in the early hours.

These have been reported through to the police and we are currently investigating all lines of enquiry.

There have been different types of incidents reported to us, from thefts from insecure vehicles and dwellings to properties being entered by damaging doors etc. One person was charged with two reports of thefts from vehicles at the beginning of January. The latest incidents have caught three persons on bikes trying door handles around 2am.

Could you put out a request for residents to be vigilant and to secure vehicles and properties please.
I have received correspondence from County Hall Highways that they are looking to make sure the correct street lighting is present.

We will continue to proactively patrol this area.”