Supporting the Community of Haddon Way, Fairmeadows Way, Laurel Road, Grange Park, Grange Vale and surrounding area.


This Page contains all the up to date information we have on the Grange Park Development. You can also view William Davis’ information on Grange Park here. Jelson also built part of the estate, known as Grange Vale. David Wilson Homes are building on the field on the way into the Grange Park site an estate known as The Chimes.

There are many planning applications associated with the whole Grange Park area. However the initial planning application was P/00/2078/2. This contains details of the Section 106 Agreement to which the whole area and it’s associated community facilities have provisions set aside for.

December 2011

Jelsons start building and marketing properties from the Haddon Way end. This development is called Grange Vale.

14 May 2009

It has come to our attention that Jelson homes have submitted an application for part of the Grange Park Development (which has also been submitted by William Davis) these details can be seen on the Charnwood Planning Portal. The Jelson application number is P/09/0868/2 or can be seen via this link

31 March 2009

William Davis has now submmited planning applications to complete the Grange Park development. These were made in the form of two seperate applications which can be found on the Charnwood Borough Council website at: P/09/0233/2 and P/09/0234/2. HWRA submitted comments on the applications to CBC.

It should be noted that we understand these applications were designed to ensure that the outline planning consents did not lapse, and may not necessarily be built in the format specified in the applications, however should the economic circumstances change, then WD would be permitted to actually build as proposed.

14 October 2008

HWRA was informed that Charnwood Borough Council had approved Phase 4 of the Grange Park development. This phase includes low density housing (larger homes) to the South of the site and also the link (spine) road between Grange Park and Haddon Way.

The Grange Park development was subject to an earlier application for outline planning permission. The various phases of the development are then subject to requests for detailed planning permission. Such applications are normally handled by the council as ‘reserved matters’. This refers to powers delegated within the council planning team for officers to recommend approval of plans without reference to the full plans committee. This is what has happening to this application and despite representations made by Councilor Geoff Gay for the application to be considered at plan committee, the planning team continued to approve the application under ‘reserved matters’. (This is my understanding based on various recent conversations with people know are close to the process).
The details of the application can be seen using this link:

The approved documents show that William Davis has amended the plans in light of comments from HWRA members and other consultees. The design of the link road (site location plan 16/9/2008) in particular has been changed to avoid such long straight stretches and to add traffic calming. A report was prepared by the planning department for our Ward Councilors (Geoff and Neville) to explain why and how the decision has been made (10/9/2008).

There appear to be no further routes for objection to these plans, albeit that the planning department have imposed some technical restrictions on William Davis. We are disappointed that the Planning department did not refer the application to the plans committee but we tried. In the future it will be important to consider how we make representations to the council on these matters to make our voice heard as loudly and clearly as we can.