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Bloors housing development – Outline planning decision

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CBC_logoCharnwood Plans Committee Meeting to decide the outcome of the proposed Bloor Home development (application No. P/14/0641/2) was held on the  Thursday 14th August, in the Victoria Room at Loughborough Town Hall. Planning Officers had already recommended approval of the application.

Bob Newnham spoke on behalf of the residents, along with Counsellor Robert Sharp, putting the strong case for the rejection of the application.

The decision was reached on the evening that the development should be refused. Full details of the decision were published on the CBC website on the 22nd August. A summary of the decision is included below :

Whilst it is acknowledged that the Council does not have sufficient housing land available to meet housing needs for a five year period and that there is a presumption in favour of sustainable development, the cumulative detrimental impact of the development does not outweigh the benefit secured by the additional supply of housing land and the development is considered to be unsustainable.

The cumulative detrimental impacts are considered to be the remoteness of the site from local services and facilities, lack of good access to existing public transport systems which would help to reduce car use and failure to protect the intrinsic character and beauty of the landscape.

Taken together, the proposal would cause cumulative impacts that would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefit of the development meeting the Borough’s housing supply shortfall.

The proposal is therefore contrary to the aims of paragraphs 6, 7, 14, 17, 34 and 109 of the National Planning Policy Framework and does not therefore constitute sustainable development. The proposal is also contrary to policies CS1 and CS11 of the Charnwood Local Plan Core Strategy 2006 – 2028, and policies ST/1, ST/2, EV/18, CT/2, TR/6, RT/4 and RT/12 of the Borough of Charnwood Local Plan 2004, with weight being given to such policies according to their consistency with the National Planning Policy Framework.

Residents protest at proposed Bloors housing development

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Residents protest at proposed housing developmentThis morning at 11am, residents met at the fields leading to the Outwoods to protest about a new proposed housing development for the area.

65 local residents and their families from the Haddon Way estate and adjoining housing estates joined with the Haddon Way Residents Association to protest against the Bloors housing development of 100 houses on the fields off Laburnum Way / Corydalis Close.

Design and access statementThe protest meeting coincides with the next Charnwood Plans Committee meeting being held on Thursday at 5pm on 14th August at the Victoria Room, Loughborough Town Hall. A number of planning applications will be discussed including the Bloors development P/14/0641/2 .

Below are a number of direct links to the planning application documents :

Site location plan

Planning statement

Design and access statement

We would encourage residents to attend this meeting to demonstrate their objections. Only one representative will be able to speak at the meeting, but a visible demonstration of those opposing the application will help to show the level of opposition.


Harrow Estates and The Helen Cope Trust have submitted an application to build up to 170 houses on 10.6 hectares of land adjacent to Nanpantan Sports ground in the fields leading towards the Outwoods, which extends to within one field of Jubilee Wood – a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI). LSWAG will be mounting a very vigorous campaign against this development, which will totally destroy an area of particularly attractive countryside.

LSWAG is opposed to this proposal on the grounds that it is contrary to the emerging Local Development Plan, is unnecessary in this location, will destroy an area of particularly attractive countryside, will have a major impact on traffic and will hasten the development of a bypass linking J23 of the M1 with the A6 at Quorn. They urge residents to write to our councillors, the Charnwood Borough Planning Department and Nicky Morgan MP. Application No. P/13/1711/2


Charnwood Borough Council is poised to adopt the Linear Park and the estate has also seen the recent addition of some shiny new Waste Bins!

For more details about these stories please click the link!

CBC Adoption of Linear Park

You may have noticed that the open ground area along the side of Allendale Road ending at Main Street in Woodthorpe, has recently been cleared and tidied up by William Davis. This is in preparation for the forthcoming adoption of the area of open ground by CBC. As part of their new ownership of this area we met with Tim Adkin, CBC Access to Nature Officer, who explained their very exciting plans for the area. Tim and a group of volunteers, bolstered by residents from Grange Park, planted wild flower seeds on the large grassed meadow area and this is just the beginning.
Keep an eye on this page for more exiting events happening in the Linear Park.

New Waste Bins

In anticipation of CBC adoption of Linear Park we have been discussing the necessity for waste (especially dog waste) bins in and around the area. We hope that you have noticed that 3 brand new waste bins have been positioned within the area over the last few weeks. These will be maintained and emptied by CBC (Serco) as part of their maintenance programme.
Please make use of these bins to keep this excellent open area clean and tidy for all the residents and none residents who enjoy this area so much

Park Grange FarmThe derelict farmhouse on Newstead Way has had a planning application made for redevelopment. We are still waiting to hear the outcome by Planning. In the meantime you can monitor the progress of the application using Planning Explorer. Search for application no. P/12/2301/2

Bloor Homes are looking into developing some land behind Rainbows, and Newstead Way. This is development is currently known as Park Grange Farm Phase 2.

They held an exhibition about these plans on 20 May at Rainbows. The details from the exhibition boards can be viewed on their website.

For more information on these proposals please see the flyers in our Reference section:
Sketch of Area
Loughborough Flyer

Bloors are expected to submit plans to the council by the end of September.  As soon as we have the details we will publish them here.