Supporting the Community of Haddon Way, Fairmeadows Way, Laurel Road, Grange Park, Grange Vale and surrounding area.

Farmhouse update

Park Grange FarmAs some will be aware, the farmhouse has been an eye sore on the estate for many years. However, the council is limited in how it can force the current owners to keep the building safe, secure and decide how to take action because of the lack of complaints from local residents.

Over the years the owners have submitted Planning Applications and Listed buildings consent. P/18/0431/2 and P/18/0476/2 respectively are the current active applications for the site, though they look like a resubmission of a previous application for 15 dwellings (P/12/2301/2) however, they now include more provision for parking. To search for the application please use the Charnwood Planning Explorer and search for the specific application No as detailed above.

It is vital that if a resident hears anything or sees anything suspicious happening in or around the site that it is report to the police as soon as it is safe to do so. The Leicestershire police website provides the facilities for reporting different types of incidents.

A link is available on the Council website, providing the means of reporting any issue relating to empty properties. Information gathered from this site can be used to make future decisions about properties. If you see or hear any incidents on the farmhouse property, we would be grateful if you could report them via the website: