Supporting the Community of Haddon Way, Fairmeadows Way, Laurel Road, Grange Park, Grange Vale and surrounding area.

New to the area?

Welcome to your new neighbourhood!

We have two schools at one end of our estate, Woodbrook Vale High School, on Grasmere Road, for 11-16 year olds, and Outwoods Edge Primary School on Hazel Road. Our “patch” then stretches down from these schools, (Fairmeadows Way and Redwood Road/The Osiers) at one end to Allendale Road/Highland Drive at the other end, encompassing the Grange Park and Grange Vale Estate. If you live on the Chimes estate or on the edges of our defined area and need help, get in touch, we will try and help you as best we can.

We have 2 local borough councillors from Shelthorpe Ward:

Gill Bolton – Labour 07719 386571

Alice Brennan – Labour 07949 704359

Our County Councillor’s are:

Jonathan Morgan – Conservative (Loughborough South West Ward)

Ted Parton – Conservative (Loughborough South Ward)  07845 574 166

Our Local Minister of Parliament is:

Jane Hunt – Conservative 01509 262723

We work closely with our Local and County Councillors as well as the Police to try and improve our estate for the community’s benefit.