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HWRA have been invited to join newly formed group know as PACT: Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings.

PACT is an opportunity for residents and residents groups in Shelthorpe & Nanpantan wards to meet with the key service providers, share information about what’s happening in their area and agree how partners will work together to tackle any issues.

If anybody has any issues that they would like discussing please let HWRA known. Alternatively if you are a member of a local group and think that PACT maybe of interest or help to you get in touch with the group coordinator. PACT meetings aim to take place every 3 months at different locations around Shelthorpe, Outwoods and Nanpantan Ward.

Want to get involved?
Email PACT and tell them which part of Shelthorpe, Outwoods or Nanpantan Ward you will be representing: