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Planning Application adjacent to Nanpantan Sports Ground

Harrow Estates and The Helen Cope Trust have submitted an application to build up to 170 houses on 10.6 hectares of land adjacent to Nanpantan Sports ground in the fields leading towards the Outwoods, which extends to within one field of Jubilee Wood – a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI). LSWAG will be mounting a very vigorous campaign against this development, which will totally destroy an area of particularly attractive countryside.

LSWAG is opposed to this proposal on the grounds that it is contrary to the emerging Local Development Plan, is unnecessary in this location, will destroy an area of particularly attractive countryside, will have a major impact on traffic and will hasten the development of a bypass linking J23 of the M1 with the A6 at Quorn. They urge residents to write to our councillors, the Charnwood Borough Planning Department and Nicky Morgan MP. Application No. P/13/1711/2