Supporting the Community of Haddon Way, Fairmeadows Way, Laurel Road, Grange Park, Grange Vale and surrounding area.

Planning Applications

There are many planning applications that affect our area of town.

If you have the specific Planning Application Number you can search for it direct using Charnwood Borough Council’s Planning Explorer website:

• “Care home” P/18/0302/2 Erection of two storey care home with associated car parking, landscaping and associated works with access through existing David Wilson Homes development (under construction). Comments until 3/4/2018

• “The derelict Farmhouse on Newstead Way” The owners have recently submitted a planning application and Listed buildings consent. P/18/0431/2 and P/18/0476/2 respectively. It looks like a resubmission of the previous application for 15 dwellings P/12/2301/2, this was granted by Officer Delegation on 20/3/2014. Comments until 4/4/2018.

• “Grange Park Centre” Grange Park Centre Charity are trying to deliver the Grange Park Estate a community centre. Planning was unanimously agreed on planning application P/17/2344/2 on 8/2/2018. For more info please see their website

• “Aldi” P/17/0942/2 Erection of food retail store (Class A1), coffee shop with drive through and take away facility (Class A3/A5), three retail units (Class A1/A2/A3) with associated access, car parking and landscaping. This was passed along with Lidl (across town near Dominos) at a very long meeting in December 2017. This application has since been revised to allow the creation of a larger retail units and to include a vet practice; P/17/2599/2 Building commenced 15/3/2018.

• “The Grange Park Estate” is governed by many different planning applications, the initial application being P/00/2078/2 some subsequent applications are P/09/0233/2 and P/09/0234/2

• “Grange Vale” The Jelson part of Grange Park Estate is governed by application P/09/0868/2

• “Trinity Gardens” 200 Homes North of Ling Road P/12/2641/2 will be built in 2015. The site was sold by Mather Jamie to Morris Homes, building commenced 7 June 2015 More details on the site can be found here. This planning application has been amended over time, other important applications associated with this are P/14/1843/2 reserve matters p/15/1009/2 In 2017 the site was amended by application P/17/2200/2 Development of 53 dwellings with access, gardens, landscaping and associated works (Re-plan and increase in housing to Phase 3 of wider development originally approved under P/12/2641/2). Also P/17/0960/2

• “The Chimes” Development was initially a site of 130 dwellings off Allendale Road P/12/2640/2 This has been revised down several times to P/15/1108/2 to finally 66 homes: P/16/2057/2

• “Bloor Planning application” 100 dwellings off Laburnum Way RESUBMITTED P/14/2471/2. The scheme is basically the same as the original one however it included additional information and further clarification in relation to accessibility and proposed enhancements to bus and cycle routes. In addition, further detail in relation to the proposed landscape design and the sites relationship to the wider area and associated public open spaces is included. Deadline for comments was 27 January 2015. This application was WITHDRAWN before the Planning Meeting. This was after their application for 100 dwellings, P/14/0641/2 was REJECTED at Plans Committee Meeting 14 August 2014. Bloor APPEALED to the Government Planning Inspectorate. This was due to be held by public hearing in July 2015, however Bloor chose to WITHDRAW their application.