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Street Lighting Efficiency Savings

Charnwood Borough Council are continuing to rollout there part night time lighting streets in residential areas. The lights will be turned off from midnight until 5:30am (+/- 15 minutes) The work should commence in the next few months.

Following the comments the council received during the consultation period the revised proposals can be found on Leicesteshire County Councils website at the following address. Our estate is in Shelthorpe Ward which is Number 4.

Part-Night Street Lighting in Charnwood


Once the changes in street lighting are introduced the council will be monitoring all the sites in conjunction with the emergency services and parish and town councils.  This is to ensure that the introduction of part night lighting does not have any unanticipated adverse impacts.  This process will identify if any further changes need to be made to the lighting.
The Council advises that where street lights are turned off, you will need to consider carefully how you park on the road at night to ensure other road users can see your vehicle.